Can I just say that I like eating healthy and caring about my heart but eating a number two with animal style fries from in n out today was probably the highlight of my week


wow the new godzilla movie looks really good

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Do you ever sometimes want to give up everything and let yourself fall into complete misery?

Just me, then?

I am the only person responsible for my happiness.

There are some questions I will never have answers for. I will never have control over another person. I will never know what they are thinking or feeling or what they have done. I can only decide to trust that person. I can only decide to trust my judgment and ability to discern between someone positive in my life and someone negative in my life.

And just maybe the questions I don’t have answers to are the wrong questions. Maybe all the questions I need to be asking are the ones I can answer myself.

Is it wrong that I’m having a lunch date w myself right now and I’m thoroughly enjoying my own company

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