We floated

Sometimes unsteadily

Through black smoke

That clouds my mind’s vision, anyway.

But then you were something else

And I could see you all the time

Even when you weren’t looking back

I tried to make clear

A picture that was shaking

A moment that was not to be still

You made me feel what I wanted to be

Gave me back what I couldn’t believe

Maybe sometimes you were hoping for just the memory of me

You thought I left you

But you weren’t really there

I took my key

And you can’t open locked doors.

I tried to make clear

A picture that was shaking

A moment that was not to be still

Can someone plz explicame why people have no common sense?


Absurd Creature of the Week:

Ferocious, Fearless Mantis Shrimp Is the Honey Badger of the Sea

by Matt Simon

These are the stomatopods, some 550 known species of mantis shrimp that range from less than an inch long to well over a foot. They’re feisty, beautifully complex creatures that strike so quickly that they momentarily superheat the water around their spring-loaded clubs to a temperature nearly as hot as the surface of the sun.

They may not be particularly big, but they will fight just about anything that so much as looks at them funny. Octopuses, humans, each other — you name it. You see, the mantis shrimp doesn’t grab ass. It kicks it.

Mantis shrimp are split into two groups. Smashers methodically dismember and knock their prey unconscious. Spearers impale fish with spikey appendages, much like their insect namesake. The speed and power with which these creatures strike simply defies logic. While the spearers can lash at their prey in a mere 20 to 30 milliseconds, the smashers can be 10 times as quick. This is the fastest predatory strike on the planet…

(read more: Wired Science)

amazing motherfucking photos by Roy Caldwell

(via infinity-imagined)


Mona Pavilions by Fender Katsalidis Architects

Bold, diamond shaped steel frames anchored to the ground by large, off form concrete blades. Weathered timber clad boxes to the rear slip between these steel structures.

(Source: fkaustralia.com, via npr)

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